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Interceding are the facts. about anyone, yet factual, entered So I asked Romulus the hy-phon-etics. He Thundered, unlike the Rivalee of Reviler...Romes of Drones as well as Gnomes, Set to sail , across the lands, Underlined...A blast, of When your scent becomes your Ocean of Antics, Lest realizing semantics..When you could not see the tides . Yet the surreal perceives..Gnostic or L'odion, was lost in Or ions Orbits. So take comfort in knowing,You've been enveloping, fully , unsuspectingly, those reaching out beyond sound...Quite Profound...In the words of the lightening , the Siddall almost was drawn under...Allard , at last...Raise the Mast, gone are the reaking of havocs. Belong to the colloquium of ancient ways...Or by mornings light have they...dipped the slight of sights, sequestered , sea lorn, fog horns, adorned by relics of Suellen twist. The sand like the times, gradually, realizing, we are all adjoined in this universe..Within the first inklings of verse..Traversing through subjects....Pockets and Pockets of stein's , rains, we learn not to complain....The equalization's of the needs, to feel as one , collectively or individually...So over rated...Those that dare to live and learn , breathe the life ...Truly find life is one big care...The moments are rare....Or something like that....Jackie

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